Congrats Stacey Busch on being our next Member of the Month

What is your favorite WOD?


What is your least favorite WOD?

Filthy fifty

What is your favorite lift?


What is your least favorite lift?

Thrusters. I would also say double unders even though it’s not a lift.

What did you do before CrossFit?

I was just working two jobs. A friend of mine ran a boot camp that I participated in and then I found the CF Fireballs 6 week challenge.

What did you think after your first CrossFit experience? How does it compare to now?

After the first day, thought I was going to die and why did I sign up for this but now I love it.

What special memories or achievements have you had since you have been at CF Fireball?

I love getting the gold stars for personal records and today I got my first freestanding handstand.

What advice would you give to a newcomer joining CrossFit Fireball?

It’s going to be the hardest thing that your going to love and don’t take to much time off.

How did you become involved with CrossFit?

I joined Crossfit after finishing up the 6 week challenge here at CF Fireball.

What is the biggest change you see in yourself since starting CrossFit?

I see more definition and my performance has improved.

What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit? What is your profession?

Travel, work and food. I work at a title insurance company.