It’s no secret, we’ve seen the commercials, For 20 bucks per month one can join just about any Globo Gym in this area. Heck, you may even get some free pizza once a month. What you won’t get is programming, coaching, camaraderie, and training.
In order to progress to your body’s maximal capability you must train. Most people do not know how to train but they can exercise. Training is a want with goals and purpose. It is intense, focused, and engaging. It measures feedback. Exercise is done for ones own sake without goals or purpose. It can be boring. People exercise because they feel like they need to. With that being said most people go to the gym because they feel like they need to. So they join a Globo Gym, sign a 1-2 year contract and never show up. Globo gyms don’t typically offer programming or a coach to help them train. A personal trainer is typically available to train you at 80-100 dollars per hour.
The average daily rate for a 1 hour CrossFit class is around 7 dollars per day based on an unlimited membership. Many people spend that on a daily coffee habit. For 7 dollars per day, a Crossfit member will receive programming designed to train with measurable goals, a coach who will lead you through your training, and a group of people to cheer you on.
Moving your body and eating healthy will improve and prolong the quality of your life. Being trained to do so will allow you to experience optimal health, and prevent disease. 7 dollars per day is a low cost investment.

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