Fireball Fitness

(aka Boot Camp)!!

Your old routine is cutting it anymore.

Let’s make a change and get you the results you want!  You have tried many different things and nothing seems to get you the body, energy and motivation you want.  Here at Fireball Fitness (Boot Camp) you will get the results you want, It’s been proven time and time again with our current members.  Just ask any of them.


Here’s how:

  1. Register to insure your spot.  Let’s be serious here, if you don’t come you won’t see the results you want and deserve.
  2. Don’t miss class during the 6 weeks.  We are here to help you get the results you want, but you have to be in order for us to do that.
  3. You do NOT have to be fit for Fireball Fitness (Boot Camp).  That is our job to get you there.
  4. We will help you over overcome any kind of fear and obstacles to achieve your fitness goals.
  5. We don’t allow any body to quite. Saying I “Can’t is not allowed.  We are guaranteeing that you will be fitter than before, but you have to try.
  6. Our coaches will show you EVERYTHING you need to do to be successful, every step of the way. NO MORE GUESSING.
  7. Must be willing to take before and after photos to document our program success.
  8. Must have the discipline to follow our nutrition plan.  It is tried, tested and proven to work, but you have to follow it!
  9. So what’s holding YOU back? Don’t hesitate to reserve your spot or give us a call at 419-239-8330 or email before our boot camp sells out.
  10. Bootcamp will sell out. Only 20 spots available so claim yours today!

Have your card ready to reserve your spot or register below!

Classes meet on Tuesday, Thursdays at 8am and Saturdays at 10am.

The price is $199.

P.S. We will take a before picture on the first day of classes.  It won’t take long to see big changes!
Ready for the best change of your life.  Click Here to sign up and claim your spot.