Couch to CrossFit

There is no better way to kick off 2016 than with Couch to CrossFit at CrossFit Fireball! Yes, it is sort of a cliche – New Near, New Goals, New You. You are going to start Couch to CrossFit with questions: Can I get in shape? Can I lose weight? Can I get stronger? Can I do CrossFit? Can I stick with a fitness program to improve my life? Do I have time for this?

Here is the difference: you are going to finish the program with answers! YES you can! At the end of the Couch to CrossFit program, you are going to be motivated and ready to take over the world as a stronger, happier, healthier version of YOU!


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How does Couch to CrossFit work?

C2CF is a FREE  ($135 Value) four week program that focuses on exercise, nutrition, and teamwork to get people moving around and having fun!

No Experience Necessary

C2CF is geared towards people with little or no exercise experience. We use simple movements to achieve sustainable and consistent results!

We’ll Set You Up For Success

You’ll attend class on Tuesday and Thursdays either 5:30 or 6:30pm to learn new skills, and will leave the gym with exercise and nutrition goals to get you through the week ahead.

Graduate With Confidence

You’ll finish the C2CF program feeling motivated and ready to take over the world! A stronger, faster, healthier you is finally within reach.

Couch To CrossFit is ready to launch. Are you?

Sign up now and start your FREE four week journey with our expert trainers and incredible support system. After that, the sky is the limit.

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