Squatting is something we do everyday and most of us never realize it. Believe it or not squatting is the most important exercise you will ever do.

Can you remember the first time you squatted? If you answer yes, then more than likely you are thinking of doing it at a gym with a bar and weights. However, you actually were squatting before you could even walk. Squatting is actually our natural sitting position. Have you ever seen a baby squat with its butt almost touching the ground, and chest in an upright position? More than likely you have. That position right there is our natural sitting position. Think about it, did god invent a chair or did man? Overtime we have a tendency to unlearn things like a squat. A squat is a natural exercise that we tend to unlearn, because our culture now has us sitting in chairs all day.

This exercise called the squat will help you in the long run to stay overall healthy and maintain mobility. Squat correctly and squat often to see the following results:

  • Build a total body bone density

  • Alleviate back pain

  • As you age, it will allow you to keep your independence and stay out of a nursing home as it will give you the ability to sit and stand on your own power.

  • Fight diabetes

  • Ability to grab and lift objects off of the ground and carry them without strain (ie. Groceries, moving boxes or furniture, or even lifting your children)

  • Get the legs and booty you have always wanted!

Squatting is not the be all cure all, however, it has great benefits. Let’s really think on how squatting is so beneficial to our health. Take a look at developing countries without couches, people squat for hours every day and they don’t have back problems or obesity and their knees don’t hurt either. Must mean something!! Squat correctly & squat often!

Squatting is the first exercise we teach here at CrossFit Fireball.

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