Fireball Strength is an official USA Weightlifting sanctioned club that offers dedicated Olympic Style Weightlifting Strength and Conditioning programming for Athletes from all walks of life and of all levels of athletic experience. The program is designed to introduce the athletic benefits and joys that can only be found in the Sport of Weightlifting, an Olympic level sport, to everyone in Southwest Florida. We, the Fireball Strength family, openly welcome everyone to come train and learn about the Sport of Weightlifting in a safe and accepting environment from the top Weightlifting Coaches in Bonita Springs.

No matter the respective health and fitness goals, Fireball Strength’s programming can help develop any Athlete in their pursuit of excellence and virtuosity of their sport, be it Weightlifting, CrossFit, Football, Wrestling, Track and Field, Triatholon, or Marathon to name a few. Weightlifting doesn’t just teach one to perform three Snatches and three Clean and Jerks with ideally honed form in front of three Referees in order to get three white lights.
Weightlifting inherently develops the athletic skill-sets of Power, Speed, Agility, Strength, Flexibility, Coordination, Balance, Confidence, Body-Awareness and Body-Control that can help any Athlete (Competitive, Recreational, Tactical, Team, or Individual) to dominate and win in their sports, lives, and on the fields of battle.

Fireball Strength offers dedicated Training Facilities, highly-qualified Coaching Staff, Membership to a Weightlifting Club/Team, and General or Personalized Programming designed by experienced and educated Strength and Conditioning Coaches. Further, as part of the Fireball Strength Weightlifting Club and Team members are offered the opportunity to compete and qualify for higher level state, national, and international Weightlifting Meets if they so choose. To top all of that off, Fireball Strength has developed relationships with USA Weightlifting Senior International Coaches (the highest level of Coaches in the field) and experienced Athletes who competed internationally for their country in the Sport of Weightlifting, to regularly host these qualified and accomplished
Coaches and Athletes for Seminars, Courses, and Certifications. Fireball Strength is the premier Weightlifting Club in Bonita Springs and is always looking for new Members and Athletes to join their family and to help support the Strongest Team in America, Team USA!”