Regardless of a person’s past athletic experience or current level of fitness, everyone who first comes to CrossFit Fireball is provided with the opportunity to learn about basic techniques, terminology, pre-workout warm ups and exercises before participating in regular CrossFit Fireball classes. These are our On-Ramp classes. Our On-Ramp program is a tried and true system that allows an athlete to build proper motor pattern through repetition and frequency. The Fireball On-Ramp has been in effect for over 2 years and is one of the best out there in terms of instruction and hours of experience. By the time you graduate you will have had over a month of experience with 6 hours of practical application and instruction by our best coaches. This is without a doubt the best way to get an athlete “Ramped up” for CrossFit. Here at CrossFit Fireball we have a huge emphasis on safety for our athletes and prospective members. We require seasoned athletes and soccer moms alike to run through the program. CrossFit is all about scalability, and this holds true even in Onramp.

On-Ramp classes are kept to very small sizes to ensure one-on-one attention. As you work through the six consecutive sessions you and your fellow newcomers will learn about the correct form for basic, functional CrossFit movements, and slowly work up to increase your level of intensity. On-Ramp is the perfect place to ask questions and make some new friends before transitioning into our regular classes. Attendance and participation is mandatory, so if you are unable to make a session, contact us and we will work with you to reschedule.

The emphasis of the On-Ramp is on skill development and exposure to our basic movements. It is designed to prepare you to enter our ongoing group classes. We are going to be hammering technique-both to ensure your safety-and success at the next level.

  • We will introduce you to technique and mechanics first, then intensity.
  • We will be showing you movements that begin with the relatively non technical and progressively more technical.
  • It’s important that you are here for each of the 6 sessions as these movements build on one another.
  • There will be a workout at the end of each day which will get progressively more challenging as the course progresses.
  • The difficulty of these workouts is ultimately in your hands…the degree that you push yourself will determine how much suffering goes on. The class is called “On-Ramp” for a specific reason…we want to ramp you up to the level of intensity and output that is inherent in our group classes.
  • Shifts in body composition are one of the most motivating ways to measure success. We highly encourage you to take “Before” pictures at the beginning of the On-Ramp class.

If you are already familiar with CrossFit methodologies and have trained in another certified location, you may be eligible for CrossFit Fireball Test-Out option. We offer a one-hour private session with our trainers to review your fitness level and knowledge of CrossFit. If you are able to demonstrate competency in CrossFit movements, you may wish to consider this Test-Out opportunity.