LETS GET STRONGER! CrossFit Fireball will be holding a 6 week power lifting course starting November 15th at 7pm! Power lifting is focused on four lifts, deadlift, bench press, shoulder press and SQUATS! Within this course you will meet once a week for one hour, but also you need to put in another hour on your own. So, when you sign up for the course you will have excess to all the open gym hours and all the Olympic lifting hours as well ($75 value) to practice and get stronger. PLUS, you will receive a Limited Edition CrossFit Fireball Powerlifting T-SHIRT!!

Everyone is always excited about a FREE t-shirt, but you will also learn how developing these strengths are not only going to make you stronger, but also it will dramatically help you with CrossFit. One of the best examples out there is Josh Bridges at the 2013 CrossFit games. (If you do not know who josh bridges is, look him up. He is one of the best CrossFitters out there). He failed on a deadlift at 405 and could not finish the WOD. So after that, he started focusing on developing his overall strength. Not only did he get stronger but in 2016, he ended up winning his region and winning the one workout that had 405 deadlifts in it. Josh stated once he started getting stronger his metcons time/performance also started getting better. Lets not forget A BIGGER MUSCLE IS A STRONGER MUSCLE!

Getting stronger is not only going to help us with getting better at CrossFit but it will help you with everyday life. You can be that friend that everyone calls to help move a TV or lift a new chair. You wont be the weak one anymore! Come sign up for the CrossFit Fireball Course, we are going to have a blast, lift some heavy weight and get stronger!

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