CrossFit Fireball – CrossFit


Training Intent

– Light loads on snatches. Take the opportunity to provide your athletes with individual coaching on their lifts.

– Nothing needs to be super challenging today especially if people are on the 4th day in a row of training. Score = total reps completed

– Athletes can make up a strength session from either Tuesday or Wednesday today in strength/skill block.


Warm-up (No Measure)

“Burgener Warm-up w. a pvc”

1. Down and up

2. Elbows high and outside

3. Muscle snatch

4. Snatch land 5. Snatch drop

6. Hang power snatch

*Go through 5 reps of each step and explain the significance of each.


Snatch Prep:

Pec Stretc Pull-up Rig x 30s ea.

Ankle Mobility x 30s ea.

2 sets


Spend 15:00 Working on the Sq Snatch with Loads of 50% or Less.

*This is a skill session. Newer athletes should not worry about their loading. More advanced athletes can perform 5 x 1.1 @60-70%. Rest 90s.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

EMOM 20:

Minute 1: Rower x 40s

Minute 2: Max Double Unders x 40s

Minute 3: Max Box Jumps w. step down x 40s (24, 20)

Minute 4: KBS (53, 35) x 40s

Minute 5: Run 100 meters

L1: Athletes can use Minute 5 as a rest interval