CrossFit Fireball – CrossFit

Training Intent

– Make progressive jumps and weight go for a new 1RM. Sets of 3-3-2-2-1-1-1-1…

– Metcon: Okay to go with singles on cleans but try to hit big sets on front squats. People should challenge themselves with loading. 10:00 Time Cap


Warm-up (No Measure)

General Warm-up



Power Clean Drills:

Front Squat x5

Dip-Shrug x5

Muscle Clean (from hip) x5

Hang Power Clean x5

Power Clean x5


10 Back Squat w. bar

10 Goodmornings


Squat Mobility

1) Pigeon Pose on a box: 1:00 ea. side

2) Wall Squats: 2 x 5 @3311


Front Squat (Front Squat: Up to a 1RM)


Start light, and work to a heavy


Metcon (Time)

10:00 of warm-up and prep before hitting this

For time:

30 Power Cleans (155, 105)

30 Front Squats (155, 105)

L3: (135, 95)

L2: (115, 75)

L1: (95, 65)
10min Cap

Extra Credit

Banded Low to High woodchops: 3 x 10 ea.

50-100 Banded Leg Curls